Vulnerability management

Nothing is as subject to change as an online infrastructure. Databases, software, operating systems and network components are exposed daily to vulnerabilities that can harm businesses and individuals in many ways.

One way to provide insight into these vulnerabilities and to respond intelligently is vulnerability management. Literally: managing these vulnerabilities. NetCaptain is CyberAnt's vulnerability management solution. Good vulnerability management helps you make your organization more secure. Because if weaknesses are identified in good time, it is easier to remedy them and limit or even prevent the unpleasant consequences.

  • Real-time insight into the security of your systems
  • Everything in one dashboard
  • Worry-free configuration, CyberAnt makes sure everything works
  • Best results combining vulnerability scanners
  • Optimal coverage of your infrastructure
  • Your organization in control

“What wasn't vulnerable yesterday is causing a data breach today”

Why vulnerability management?

Suppose you choose to have an annual pentest performed to test your cyber security. Naturally, this provides valuable insights that lead to smart improvements. However, a pentest remains a snapshot. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day, making a report continuously more outdated. What wasn’t vulnerable yesterday is causing a data breach today. By using the right tools, you will remain informed 24/7 of possible security risks in your network.

A solid vulnerability management program combines threat intelligence with IT and business knowledge to prioritize and resolve the risks of cyber vulnerabilities. By analyzing these risks and determining the right next steps, you can keep a grip on the security of your systems.

Vulnerability scanner

A vulnerability management solution is an effective tool that allows you to continuously monitor the security of your online infrastructure. CyberAnts NetCaptain combines several vulnerability scanners to detect as many vulnerabilities as possible.

NetCaptain’s risk-based approach takes the risk of these vulnerabilities as a starting point by focusing on detection and prevention. In contrast to hiring an ethical hacker, this gives you continuous insight into the security status so that you can intervene in time on security risks in your network. This prevents hackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities.

“Vulnerability management or a pentest? A pentest is a solution to another question.”

The importance of the human factor: the pentest

Isn’t it useful at all to have a pentest run on a regular basis? It certainly is: it is precisely the human factor of a penetration test that is so important to expose the risks of certain vulnerabilities. A person is creative and understands the context of your organization. It even happens that our hackers develop a tool during a test that can exploit a vulnerability that is so specific that there is no tool that can do that.

If you have CyberAnt conduct a pentest, an ethical hacker tries to break in like a malicious hacker would. He or she specifically searches for security risks and then exploits them. Actually attacking these vulnerabilities is a crucial part of the pentest, because their danger is often difficult to estimate. It is precisely by exploiting them that we discover whether apparently harmless vulnerabilities can still have unpleasant consequences.

A pen test is therefore a different solution to a different question. Do you want a broad and continuous solution? Then choose NetCaptain. Do you want a deep dive on a specific application? Then you better take a pen test. Would you like to know more about the difference between a pentest and vulnerability management? In our knowledge-base article we did a broad explanation.

“CyberAnt offers various solutions to efficiently identify vulnerabilities”

The CyberAnt cyber security solutions

CyberAnt offers various cybersecurity solutions to efficiently map and analyze vulnerabilities in your network and systems in order to come up with appropriate solutions. This allows you to make targeted improvements to optimally secure your online infrastructure and effectively keep hackers out.

  • Choose NetCaptain, CyberAnt’s vulnerability management solution if you want to be continuously informed about vulnerabilities in your network.
  • The CyberAnt Quickscan scans your website free for 20 common vulnerabilities. You will immediately receive an indication of your security status.
  • Have a Website security check to test the security of your website. With this ‘mini-pentest’ we map vulnerabilities of your site.
  • Take it seriously by running a full pentest where our ethical hackers simulate an actual attack within an agreed scope and context.

Enable CyberAnt to test your cybersecurity

Whether you opt for a website security check, a pentest or vulnerability management: an independent expert always looks at your IT infrastructure from a completely different angle. Would you like to know more about the possibilities or would you like to get started right away with improving your cybersecurity? Contact us using the form below. We are happy to think along with you!

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