Website security check

The Quickscan showed you the tip of the iceberg. The Website security check will show you the rest.

The Website security check is an assessment that is performed periodically that ensures that you are aware of the security vulnerabilities of your website. Our ethical hackers uncover vulnerabilities that malicious hackers are constantly looking for. We provide you with ongoing advice and provide solutions in clear language. Click on the button below to protect your website against cyber criminals today.

  • Easy to set up
  • Once or periodically
  • Periodic check from 35 euro per check
  • Clear dashboard with advice
  • We check more than 100,000 vulnerabilities
  • Our security experts assess the outcomes on probability and impact

“We never expected our website to be so easy to hack. Thanks to CyberAnt, we now know that our website is all right”

Website security check

Every website is interesting for a hacker. For example, websites are used as an extension to get deeper into networks, to send spam or to collect data. In the worst case, confidential information about your company or your customers will be exposed. Without insight into your website security, you run the risk of a hefty fine under the privacy law (GDPR). Are your customer data protected with modern techniques?

The first step is to understand the vulnerabilities of your website. The second step is to find solutions for this. CyberAnt is happy to offer its expertise for these steps. We have a team with a wide range of experience and knowledge in cybersecurity. By periodically having a web assessment carried out by our ethical hackers, you will receive advice and appropriate solutions in clear language. All results are checked in advance by our security experts, so that you always get a relevant result and appropriate advice. During the Website security check, the OWASP top 10 and more than 100,000 other vulnerabilities are checked.

“Our experienced team of ethical hackers can detect more than 100,000 different vulnerabilities to check your website in every detail.”

Website security check: advice in clear language

Our cyber specialists perform a Website security check with advanced tools. It is thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities and security leaks. The check is regularly performed by our ethical hackers and you will receive ongoing advice. We do this in clear language and we immediately provide solutions that make your website safer. This way you immediately know what to do and you are always aware of your website security.

  • Insight through your own dashboard
  • Report in clear language
  • Checking the OWASP top 10
  • Check for more than 100,000 vulnerabilities
  • Look from an experienced expert
  • Suggest suitable solutions
  • Now from just €35,- per check

Frequently asked questions about the Website security check


What is a Website security check?

During a Website security check, our security specialists automatically look at your website. The specialist uses various tools for this, so that we can check for more than 100,000 vulnerabilities. The results are analyzed by the specialist and supplemented with clear information. This way you can be sure that the results are correct and that you can actually use them to improve the security of your website.

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What is the difference between a Website security check and a pentest?

Both the Website security check and the pentest are performed by a security specialist. The difference is that with a pen test, the security specialist also manually searches for vulnerabilities. This generally zooms in further on the business logic, for example to check whether one customer cannot access the data of the other customer. In the Website security check we also look at basic security. The Website security check is often combined with a pentest. This creates a complete picture of website security, whereby the pentest is an addition to the Website security check.

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How much does a Website security check cost?

A Website security check is an inexpensive alternative to a pen test. The test highlights basic safety. You can have a Website security check performed from € 35,- per check. In comparison: the much more extensive pentest is available from € 2000,-

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“Due to all the hustle and bustle, I had lost insight into my website security. With CyberAnt's free Quickscan, I immediately gained insight into the vulnerabilities and which next steps I should take. ”

“I have been a CyberAnt partner for years and I am very satisfied with the services. Thanks to their advanced products, I can protect my customers from data breaches.”

“Following the CyberAnt Quickscan, we were able to take immediate measures to tackle the weak points in a targeted manner.”

“I was almost certain that my website was properly secured. I received the tip from a business partner to have my website checked via CyberAnt. During the pen test, several weaknesses came to light.”

“CyberAnt is clear and transparent in its communication. The advice that emerged from the pentest is clear. This allowed us to quickly take the correct measures to solve the problems of my application.”

“Due to the growth of my website and all the hustle and bustle, I completely lost the overview of my website security. Fortunately, I could count on CyberAnt's expertise. They have identified all weaknesses and provided me with clear advice.”