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The CyberAnt team consists of certified cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers with years of experience in conducting security investigations and vulnerability scans at the most diverse organizations. CyberAnt’s products have been developed on the basis of this acquired knowledge. CyberAnt helps to detect, manage and resolve vulnerabilities in internal and external networks.

Information security is crucial for guaranteeing CyberAnt’s services. CyberAnt ensures that risks in this area are minimized with strict measures. CyberAnt has been officially ISO27001, ISO9001 and NEN7510 certified since April 2018. CyberAnt thus complies with the international standard for information security. The scope of the certificate is: “Design, development, maintenance and consultancy on (online) automated vulnerability management software”.

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“We had a 30% chance of losing information to hackers. Thanks to Cyberant that has improved for 99.99%!”

A frequently asked question...

Every website is potentially interesting, for example as a stepping stone to get further into the network or to send spam. In a worse case, confidential information is exposed. With effect from the new privacy law (AVG) you also run the risk of a hefty fine. To avoid serious consequences, you must first know whether your website contains vulnerabilities and what steps you can take. The Quickscan is the first step to a safe website!

If you want to be sure that your website is safe, you can request a Website security check and our ethical hackers will get to work for you. You will then gain full insight into how your website can be made safe in a clear and understandable report.

“Due to all the hustle and bustle, I had lost insight into my website security. With CyberAnt's free Quickscan, I immediately gained insight into the vulnerabilities and which next steps I should take. ”

“I have been a CyberAnt partner for years and I am very satisfied with the services. Thanks to their advanced products, I can protect my customers from data breaches.”

“Following the CyberAnt Quickscan, we were able to take immediate measures to tackle the weak points in a targeted manner.”

“I was almost certain that my website was properly secured. I received the tip from a business partner to have my website checked via CyberAnt. During the pen test, several weaknesses came to light.”

“CyberAnt is clear and transparent in its communication. The advice that emerged from the pentest is clear. This allowed us to quickly take the correct measures to solve the problems of my application.”

“Due to the growth of my website and all the hustle and bustle, I completely lost the overview of my website security. Fortunately, I could count on CyberAnt's expertise. They have identified all weaknesses and provided me with clear advice.”

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Do you want to make sure that your websites, apps or systems are free from leaks or vulnerabilities? Our experts are happy to work for you. For more information about our pentests or other services, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below. We are happy to tell you what we can do for you.

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