Are my clients' websites and networks secure?

Do you often receive these questions from customers or do you want to protect them from data leaks? CyberAnt has several interesting products to help you as a partner.

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“As a CyberAnt partner you are linked to highly experienced experts”

Why become a Partner?

It is essential that your customers’ websites and networks are secure. This prevents serious consequences and high fines. CyberAnt offers various products to help you at Reseller level or Whitelabel level. As a CyberAnt partner you are connected to highly experienced experts who support you with interesting products to protect the websites and networks of your customers from data leaks. Are you interested? We would be happy to talk to you without obligation!

Partner of CyberAnt

  • Without obligation
  • Accessible
  • Direct insight
  • Customized solutions
  • To make money
  • Avoid fines

Resell Partner

As a Reseller Partner you deliver our products to your customers on behalf of CyberAnt.

Whitelabel Partner

As a White Label Partner you supply our products under your own name. Especially interesting for larger companies.

What products can you supply to your customers?


Via the Quickscan, our experts provide direct insight into potential vulnerabilities of a website. The Quickscan is placed on your own website.


WebSheperd is an assessment with its own management environment, which continuously scans for security leaks in websites.


NetCaptain is there for Resell Partners in the form of a physical box that is placed in a data center and checks for security leaks.


Colony is a management environment for Resell Partners, who have sold many NetCaptain and want to manage this within one environment.


Our experts also provide consultations, advising on how best to protect your customers' websites and networks against data breaches.

More information

“Due to all the hustle and bustle, I had lost insight into my website security. With CyberAnt's free Quickscan, I immediately gained insight into the vulnerabilities and which next steps I should take. ”

“I have been a CyberAnt partner for years and I am very satisfied with the services. Thanks to their advanced products, I can protect my customers from data breaches.”

“Following the CyberAnt Quickscan, we were able to take immediate measures to tackle the weak points in a targeted manner.”

“I was almost certain that my website was properly secured. I received the tip from a business partner to have my website checked via CyberAnt. During the pen test, several weaknesses came to light.”

“CyberAnt is clear and transparent in its communication. The advice that emerged from the pentest is clear. This allowed us to quickly take the correct measures to solve the problems of my application.”

“Due to the growth of my website and all the hustle and bustle, I completely lost the overview of my website security. Fortunately, I could count on CyberAnt's expertise. They have identified all weaknesses and provided me with clear advice.”

More information about becoming a partner

Do you want to make sure that your websites, apps or systems are free from leaks or vulnerabilities? Our experts are happy to work for you. For more information about our pentests or other services, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below. We are happy to tell you what we can do for you.


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