Do you know what a hacker knows?

Only an ethical hacker will tell you if your website is secure. The Website security check is a total package in which our ethical hackers work with you to ensure that your website is safe for a fixed amount of € 995,-.

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Website security check

Is your website secure? You probably don't know that yet. With the Website security check you can see what hackers are already seeing.

Are you not a bank and are there no state secrets in your web application?
Then there is still a good chance that your website will be visited by a hacker. Hackers are increasingly looking for easy prey. But when they see that you are not a target, they will leave your website just as quickly. Our ethical hackers expose vulnerabilities that malicious hackers are constantly looking for. Based on our findings and analyses, you will receive comprehensive advice and solutions in clear language.

  • A safe website with one survey
  • Prevent fines, ransomware and data breaches
  • Close your website backdoors to hackers
  • Clear reporting and personal explanation
  • For 80% of the organizations, the cost-effective alternative to a pen test
  • Fixed price of € 995,-

“After filling in the application form, planning the check was arranged in no time”

Is a Website security check the solution for you?

You probably don’t know exactly. CyberAnt is happy to help you determine how we can make your website, webshop or web application safe. In many cases a Website security check is the ideal solution, we determine together whether that is the case in your case. All you need to do is complete the application.

Requesting a Website security check is very easy via our application form. In the first instance, you only need to provide us with your details with any comments or questions. When we have received your request, we will contact you to discuss your wishes and we will check whether the Website security check is the right solution for you to get a secure website.

After everything has been discussed and it has become clear that you need a Website security check, we will schedule the check. CyberAnt will then set to work for you for 1 day to thoroughly examine your website, webshop or web application in order to gain insight into the vulnerabilities. The research is carried out by one of our ethical hackers. The combination of personal attention and hacker tools developed in-house gives you a complete insight into the security of your website, webshop or web application.
The costs of a Website security check are always the same, namely €995 excl. VAT.

“With a simple action we gained access to more than 42,000 customer data”

What we encounter during a Website security check

With the Website Security Check, our experienced specialists turn your website completely ‘upside down’. In addition to looking for vulnerabilities using advanced tooling, they try to find vulnerabilities ‘manually’.

Case 1. Webshop
At a webshop, our ethical hackers went through the ordering process. In the last step ‘thanks for your order’, a long URL containing a number of 6 digits caught our eye. The specialist changed one of the digits of the number. What happened was that he saw another customer’s order, containing all the details of the order, such as name, address, payment details, the ordered product, etc. With a simple action, we gained access to more than 42,000 customer data. Someone with malicious intent could easily have taken advantage of this. With all its consequences. This while the customer thought he was not vulnerable.

Case 2. Plugin
A company had its website built by a professional organization that had already created about a thousand other websites. The builder also used a specific plug-in for our client’s website. This plugin made it easy to access all websites built by this organization. Unfortunately, this was possible because there was a failure to build in authentication. Someone with malicious intent could have easily taken control of all these websites, with all the consequences that entailed. This while this customer, but also everyone else, thought that they were not vulnerable.

“We never expected our website to be so easy to hack. Thanks to CyberAnt, we now know that our website is up and running.”

Why the Website security check?

Every website is interesting for a hacker. For example, websites are used as an extension to get deeper into networks, to send spam or to collect data. In the worst case, confidential information about your company or your customers is exposed. Without insight into your website security, you run the risk of a hefty fine under the privacy law (GDPR). Is your customer data protected with modern techniques?

The first step is to understand the vulnerabilities of your website. The second step is to find solutions for this. CyberAnt is happy to offer its expertise for these steps. We have a team with years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. By having a Website security check performed by our ethical hackers, all your vulnerabilities are mapped. The results are checked by our security experts, so that you always receive a relevant result and appropriate advice. During the Website security check, the OWASP top 10 and more than 100,000 other vulnerabilities are checked.

Do you want to get a first indication of the status of your website security? Our free Quickscan checks the first 20 vulnerabilities for free.

Frequently asked questions about the Website security check


What is a Website security check?

Our cyber specialists perform a Website security check with advanced tools, and they also try to ethically hack your website manually. There is thorough testing for vulnerabilities and security holes. Our security experts assess the vulnerabilities found for impact and opportunity. You will receive the findings, advice and solutions in a well-arranged and clear report. This way you immediately know what to do to make your website safe against hackers.

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What is the difference between a Website security check and a pentest?

The Website security check can be seen as a mini pen test for websites and web applications. Both are performed by our ethical hackers, but with the Website security check your website is randomly checked for the most important aspects of your website. Thanks to this method, we can complete the research within 24 hours and the costs remain affordable for smaller organizations. A pentest is a more intensive investigation that takes several days, it is therefore more thorough, but also more expensive.

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How much does a Website security check cost?

The Website security lasts one day and costs € 995,-. For more than 80% of the companies, a Website security check is a suitable alternative to a pen test. The Website security check highlights the security of your website or web portal. By way of comparison: the costs for a pen test quickly amount to at least € 3,000.

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“Due to all the hustle and bustle, I had lost insight into my website security. With CyberAnt's free Quickscan, I immediately gained insight into the vulnerabilities and which next steps I should take. ”

“I have been a CyberAnt partner for years and I am very satisfied with the services. Thanks to their advanced products, I can protect my customers from data breaches.”

“Following the CyberAnt Quickscan, we were able to take immediate measures to tackle the weak points in a targeted manner.”

“I was almost certain that my website was properly secured. I received the tip from a business partner to have my website checked via CyberAnt. During the pen test, several weaknesses came to light.”

“CyberAnt is clear and transparent in its communication. The advice that emerged from the pentest is clear. This allowed us to quickly take the correct measures to solve the problems of my application.”

“Due to the growth of my website and all the hustle and bustle, I completely lost the overview of my website security. Fortunately, I could count on CyberAnt's expertise. They have identified all weaknesses and provided me with clear advice.”