Subsidy for web shops

To increase the cyber resilience of entrepreneurial Holland, the Digital Trust Center (DTC) encourages collaborative efforts with the Cyber Resilience Subsidy Scheme. Projects that increase the cyber resilience of companies in a structural and scalable way could claim this grant. CyberAnt from Almere is one of the projects eligible for this grant.

The cyber risks to online stores are enormous. The Netherlands now has more than 90,000 online stores, and the huge increase in them makes it important for online entrepreneurs to know the risks and be resilient against cybercrime. Many business owners have little or no knowledge of cyber security but need it to protect themselves and customers.

Jolijn Knikman CEO CyberAnt

Helping online store entrepreneurs
Jolijn Knikman, CEO CyberAnt; “I myself have been an online entrepreneur for many years and as an entrepreneur you are often unaware of how vulnerable your business is to cyber attacks. You hear stories but often you still think that large companies will be the target of hackers. However, nothing could be further from the truth and that is why we are very excited about winning this grant. Thanks to this grant and our innovative research methods, we will be able to start helping many online store entrepreneurs.”

CyberAnt will guide entrepreneurs with an online store to effective cyber resilience. To achieve this, CyberAnt will create a platform to reach as many entrepreneurs with an online store as possible through this platform. Also, the platform will become a place where all relevant information, best practices, advice and tools on cybersecurity for web stores can be found.

Once registered through the platform, CyberAnt’s cybersecurity specialists will work with the business owner to understand what vulnerabilities a web store has and how the business owner can fix them. It is expected that around April 2023 the first online stores can be examined.